Lighting Projects Shouldn’t Be Challenging

Striking a balance between creativity and logistics is our aim. We combine our landscape of manufacturers, effective management practices, and proven industry methodologies to find the best possible solution for your project.

A turnkey solution for your lighting project.

The problem with most lighting projects is they tend to be mismanaged. This leads to inflated costs, mismanaged material, and frustrated clients. We come in at any part of the project process with 100% accountability and 100% responsibility. This bridges the gaps and produces a successful outcome.


Lighting & Controls Supply

We stock lighting and controls from multiple, trusted international manufacturers. As an additional benefit, our warehouse team manages stocked supplies and can hold inventory needed for your project.


Equal Or Better Value TM

We help our clients remodify projects that are ‘over-designed’ by evaluating the original specifications and providing an economical lighting solution that is both aesthetically pleasing an on-schedule.


Project Management

We start all our lighting projects with a dedicated project manager. Placing orders, providing weekly reports, and field assistance are some of the responsibilities our project managers take on.

1 Hotel South Beach | Miami, FL
1 Hotel South Beach | Miami, FL

A Different Experience

Time & Budget Management

Clients want to get the job done as quickly as possible with no mistakes. We meet this expectation by incorporating logistics and dedicated project management for every project.

Prompt Service

Not hasty, but prompt and considerate. LMI has a team of professionals who work with sharp focus and dedication. We do not waste our time and your money on endeavors with no future potential.

Client Satisfaction

The team at LMI completes quality assurance after deliveries, provides weekly status reports, and only considers a project closed when clients are thoroughly satisfied with the job.

Frequently Asked Questions

We allow you to purchase lighting from all manufacturers at a competitive price. We are not just the middle man for one brand, but provide value throughout the buying process.

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